Women in Beer: Anna Abatzoglou, Minister of Fire Starting at Rogue Ales

We had the pleasure of meeting Anna Abatzoglou of Rogue Ales Company during our trip up to Portland, Oregon to tour the beer scene there. Her infectious personality is one that you just can’t get enough of and her passion for beer radiates from her.  Our time spent touring around the Rogue Corporate Offices in Portland with Anna, was probably one of our favorite experiences to date (they have an indoor slide people), so it was only fitting that on a day that celebrates women (International Women’s Day), we featured one of our favorite in the Industry. One of the things we love most about Anna is the fact that every single time we collaborate with her, we receive an amazing hand written note! Reminding us that you can be super cool and still stick with some lost art forms! We asked Anna to share a little more about herself, so we could give you the opportunity to see why she is so amazing, while also getting a sneak peak of what is to come at Rogue Brewing Company!
Tell us a little about yourself. 
The best I could do is tell you that I’m the six foot spawn of a Greek mathematician and Californian hippie.
What got you into craft beer? Do you remember your first one?
Definitely experiencing my “coming of age” in Oregon. Even the college bars in Portland poured local craft beer. Widmer was right down the road from University of Portland where I went to school and we’d work the free tours on Saturday regularly. Dead Guy Ale was my first craft beer and still one of my favorites. I remember feeling really proud of myself for drinking a beer with such robust color and ultimately falling in love with the malty notes and smooth finish.
What is your favorite style of beer and why?
Depends on my mood and the weather. I wish I had a beerometer monitor to offer you.
You are the Minister of Fire Starting at Rogue Ales, what does that entail?
Growing the Revolution and stirring up trouble.
What makes you ROGUE? 
 A lot of dare, risk, dream.
What is your all time favorite ROGUE beer?
We just made a beer called Granola Blonde that’s currently part of our live lab program so it’s only available for limited time at our pubs. Made with granola, Smith herbal tea, lavender, coconut and orange peel, this brew is absolute jam! You get a rip of granola on the nose followed by effervescent honeyed layers of lavender, coconut and some peppermint.
Anything exciting come up with ROGUE brewing that you can share with us?
Where to begin?
We’re about to double two of our favorite things: IPA and Cold Brew Coffee to make it FOUR of our favorite things by with Cold Brew IPA Nitro in cans. It’s coming out this summer and I can’t wait to share a six pack with friends on one of those dreamy Pacific Northwest summer afternoons.
We’re launching our first sour beer nationwide soon called Paradise Pucker, made with passion fruit, orange and guava. It was originally only available in the state of Hawaii and you can probably guess the inspiration behind this flavor combination.
Also, we’ve just released Sack Lunch Ale on draft at all of our Portland pubs. It’s a hopped up, 100% Oregon grown beer dedicated to raising money for Chefs Cycle and No Kid Hungry through team Sack Lunch PDX which is a group of Portland chefs we’ve teamed up with. We’re riding 300 miles over the course of three days in May for this amazing cause. To the right is the flyer about the beer and the cause – plus below is one of the unique tap handles we’re using to pour the beer – all made from old bike parts.
Happy International Women’s Day to all the amazing women, like Anna, whom are helping prove that women love beer too! 

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