Women In Beer: Meet Danielle Allen of Two Birds Brewing

Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen - Two Birds Brewing

Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen made history in Australia with the launch of Two Birds Brewing, becoming the first female owned brewery in their country!

The duo met just a little over 16 years ago in Perth, where they grew up. After taking a short trip to the West Coast, they realized just how much the two of them had in common. It was then that Jayne and Danielle came up with the idea (over a delicious beer of course!) to launch their new careers within the craft beer industry. Since then, Jayne and Danielle’s idea has blossomed. While they both share ownership duties as co-owners, Jayne focuses on the brewing side of the business as their Head Brewer, and Danielle focuses on the Marketing side of the business as their Marketing / Sales Director. Despite already making history in Australia, there’s definitely a lot more the two have up their sleeves for the future.

Recently, Two Birds just released a new brew Two Birds PALE Ale. Excited about the new release, Danielle took the time to share more about her experience on their journey thus far.

How did you get involved in the Craft Beer Industry?

Jayne had been working as a brewer for almost 10 years and had some ideas on new beers that she wanted to share with the world (and not give away to her respective employer!). I had been in product development and marketing for 10 years and the idea struck us when we were holidaying in the US, after visiting lots of really cool brew pubs and small breweries. Our skills were complimentary and it made total sense for us to team up and use our experience to start a brewing company together.

Jayne was originally a winemaker by trade but transitioned into brewing after seeing the light and realising that brewing allows a lot more creativity. I had always wanted to start my own business, I just hadn’t the light bulb moment but it all became clear over a beer! We launched our first beer together in 2011 and have been growing and building on our business every year since then. We now have 20 employees and a brewery with a tasting room in Spotswood, Melbourne.

What is the inspiration behind the name “Two Birds Brewing”?

Believe it or not, we actually didn’t come up with it ourselves, it seems so obvious right?!

We pitched our business to a couple of agencies for a brand name, logo and label design and an agency in Tassie came through with the name and we fell in love with it from the get go.

Is there an experience that’s stood out apart from the rest since the launch of Two Birds?

There’s been so many! It would have to be building the brewery at Spotswood and seeing a blank warehouse transform. When the shipping containers turned up and we were craning out the tanks, things got all very real!

What’s your favorite beer that your company brews?

It’s a tough question and it’s so mood and setting dependent. If I had to choose it would be Taco, as it’s got a real fresh citrus burst that’s pretty unique and really does work with spicy food, which I love to eat.

Do you have a favorite aspect within the craft beer industry? If so, what are you most passionate about?

Well I’m the sales and marketing bird, so getting out and seeing our beers in places that I’d never think they’d be, is a real thrill. I love talking to enthusiastic beer lovers and telling them our story, if they’re interested.

In your opinion, what’s the craft beer scene like in Australia?

I think in the cities, there’s a definite thriving community of craft beer venues and enthusiasts but overall, we’ve got a long way to go in educating the segment about craft beer and different styles, flavours etc.

What advice would you give women looking to get into the craft beer industry?

Get amongst it. The industry is very open minded and there’s roles for women in every aspect of the industry. We give the same advice to everyone and that is to get close with your local craft brewery and soak up as much as you can to get a real insight into the industry, this helps you become clear about where you might like to focus your path.

You can find the full story behind Two Birds Brewing here. Show Jayne & Danielle some love on their social media channels! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  (@twobirdsbrewing)

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