Women in Beer: Meet Samantha Eastburn, Owner & Head Brewer of Your Best Buds Brew

We recently had the chance to connect with Samantha Eastburn at the FIDO FUNraiser at Little Miss Brewing. When we say she does it all, she really does it all! Samantha is not only the Owner and Head Brewer of Your Best Buds Brew, but the Director of Pints and Paws Events, Inc. as well.

She met her partner, Courtney, during their time working at Gordon Biersch. The duo hit it off and have been working together ever since. Courtney is the Co-Owner and Assistant Brewer of Your Best Buds Brew and Director of Pints and Paws Events. Here’s a little more about Samantha’s journey with Courtney in creating delicious craft dog beer.

How did the idea come about?

Courtney and I started our non-profit event company, Pints and Paws Events, Inc., at Gordon Biersch in March 2016 in hopes to bring the dog lover community together to drink great San Diego Craft Beer while supporting and raising money for a dog charity or rescue. At our first event, we wanted the dogs to “drink” as well, so we wanted to create a nutritious & delicious beer for them. We experimented with a couple different ingredients and did A LOT of research to see what would be healthy but also yummy for them. We then created Your Best Buds Brew. a nutritional water-based treat that we call “Craft Dog Beer” for your pup so you never have to drink alone!

What is your background in beer?

Courtney and I met in 2014 at Gordon Biersch Restaurant & Brewery when we started working behind the bar together. We became good friends with the Head Brewer, Doug Hasker and wanted to help him with his Year of Beer Events! Each month he hosted a Tapping Party, and in March 2016 he wanted to host one on the new outdoor patio that catered to dogs! So Court and I were FOR SURE IN since we are sightly obsessed with puppies. We had a huge success with our first FUNraiser for No Wagging Tail Left Behind Rescue and our creation of craft dog beer, that we wanted to keep going!! In 2016 we raised $500 – $1400 for 17 different dog charities and rescues.

Was it hard creating the puppy “beer” recipes?

We based it off soup. So the main ingredient is water… about 90% of it! Bone Broth is the NEW trend and is actually very healthy for your pup! So we decided to make our own with Lemon juice to help extract more nutrients! Then with research we found 2 different sweeteners (molasses & honey) that actually have health benefits in moderation. Then of course you have to add the yummy part! So our Amber has beef jerky, Blonde has peanut butter, Ginger is flavored with ginger root, and our Porter with BACON!

Is there someone in the beer industry that you’d like to work with to create another dog beer recipe, like the ones you created for Jasper & Bella?

We would LOVE to work with Doug and make a beer collaboration with him!! We think that would be so much fun since that is where we started it all!

What’s your favorite part about the industry?

Our favorite part is seeing the community come together for a good cause, supporting not only the beneficiary and the dogs, but the brewery or establishment that we choose while trying something new that they have created. We love spreading the word about new breweries such as Little Miss in Miramar. We raised $826.00 for Fiesta Island Dog Owners to help save their dog park!

San Diego is so dog friendly. The fact that people are in love with craft beer here is pretty common knowledge, but they are also stoked to see someone create a craft beer for their pup!

What advice would you give someone who’s trying to get into the industry?

Never Give Up! The industry is constantly moving and improving so just keep your feet on the ground and keep pushing. Someone out there might love your idea, but they will never be able to re-create the passion you have for what you created. Seeing the pups truly love what we brew and their owners reactions is priceless!

*All photos provided by Your Best Buds Brew

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