Top Beers for National Beer Day 2018

Just when you think that #NationalBeerDay can’t get any better….it falls on a weekend this year! That’s right beer loving friends, National Beer Day is Saturday, April 7th!

Our team picked their favorite beers at the moment to share with you. Here’s a list of what we will be cracking open in celebration of all things beer:

Kristina – Second Self Beer Company A.T.ALE

While we miss our San Diego friends back home, our recent move to Atlanta has given us an opportunity to try some new beers that we did not have access to back in California. My top pick for National Beer Day this year is Second Self Beer Company‘s A.T.ALE. First off, I’m a sucker for a clever beer name and the fact that they put their hometown initials ATL into the name of the beer gives me all the feels. Second, this is a super crisp, clean, and crushable beer that is perfect for the sunny days ahead! Did I mention it also pairs well with tacos? I’ll be cooking up some of our Chicken Chili Verde tacos to pair with it!

William – Creature Comforts Tropicalia IPA

Looking for a fantastic and refreshing IPA out of a can? Look no further than Creature ComfortsTROPICÁLIA. This 6.5% ABV American IPA is on the top of my list for National Beer Day this year. It has notes of passion fruit and citrus (two things I love) with just a hint of bitterness which is ideal for me. It might be one of the best IPA’s I have ever had from a can. I am looking forward to indulging and can’t wait to take this beer with me on my next outdoor outing. One thing I have learned during my time in Atlanta so far is if you see any at a store near you, pick it up fast! It runs out quickly and for good reason!

Karen – Denver Beer Co’s Current Tap List

National Beer Day comes at a perfect time, being that I’m now officially a resident of Colorado! I’m really excited to start exploring the beer scene in Denver & Boulder even more! With so much great beer in Colorado, it is honestly too hard to choose just one to enjoy this year. I’ll be heading over to Denver Beer Co to enjoy their current lineup on tap! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about their delicious beers since our coverage of the Great American Beer Festival last year! On top of having an amazing selection of beers to enjoy, they also have an epic patio for me to sip on some beers with my favorite pups. Cheers to new beer adventures in my new hometown!

Monique – Brouwerij Wests’ Dig My Earth

A newly discovered beer, Brouwerij WestsDig My Earth has won my heart. It’s on the sweeter side as far as Double IPA’s go which is just what I’m looking for as Spring coming in hot. I’m a sucker for a cool label and Dig My Earth pulled me in with its creative and artsy design. I’m excited to treat myself to another!

Karla – Karl Strauss Aurora Hoppyalis IPA

National Beer Day 2018 is swiftly approaching and I’ve been thinking hard about what to stock the fridge with for this special occasion. Spring is finally here! As a result, I’ve been craving crisp, tropical fruit IPAs. While one could argue these are year round favorites in San Diego (and they are) I love to drink with the “seasons”. So, I’m excited to break out of the dark stuff and celebrate with an ice-cold Aurora Hoppyalis by Karl Strauss Brewing Company. To me, this exceptionally balanced IPA with flavors of pineapple, tropical fruit, and tangerine is just what sunny San Diego beer brings to mind. And you can bet I’m representing this city’s craft beer this National Beer Day. Cheers, All!

cropped-FINAL_HOP-copy-1.jpgYou can check out our picks for 2017 HERE. They may be last year’s picks, but they are still some amazing beers! Be sure to follow us on our social media and join the conversation with great people around great beers.